Research & Development Engineering Company specializes in precision engineering development and manufacture of high performance mechanical components and systems. The company integrates the talents of our team of dedicated professionals who have experience in engineering analysis, to manufacture parts and systems by reverse or original engineering. The products manufactured are of high quality and reliability.

Research & Development Engineering Company prides itself in its technical and management skills. For each product, the requirements of the client are analysed. They are reduced into technical terms after the operating conditions and requirements are understood. This data is then converted into technical drawings, material tests, manufacturing layouts, operating instructions, inspection instructions, sourcing of appropriate materials etc. and taken through the paces of controlled manufacturing, right up to the final inspection and certification. The entire procedure from the inception of a concept to the last detail is documented and is traceable.

Our workshop is equipped with state of the art CNC machining and turning centres as well as conventional machines, surface treatment facilities and specialized welding equipment.

Our clientele include, Power Plants, the Maritime, the Fertilizer, the Chemical, the Petrochemical, the LPG, the Sugar, the Lighting, the Aviation and the Automotive industries.

Attention to detail is our forte.